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September 2022 Listings

1. Long Beach Thums Net Profits Interest:   Located in the prolific Wilmington Ave Field, the #3 producing field in the U.S. Over 1200 producing wells with a shallow decline. Average monthly income over the trailing 7 months $3,600+ per month. Asking $205,000.

2. Overriding Royalty Interest Long Beach, CA:   Located in the Wilmington Avenue Field under the N-3-C lease and operated by California Resource Corporation (CRC). This .01562 ORRI covers 5 producing oil wells on a minimal decline. Average income for 2022 has been $3,853 per month. Asking price $275,000.
2. Royalty Interest in the Santa Fe Springs Field:   An NRI of .066667 in LA Counties prolific Santa Fe Springs field that was discovered in 1919 and unitized in 1969. The field has produced over 633 million BO. SFS was one of the top LA Basin Oil Fields at one time and is still experiencing minimal decline on the remaining producing units. Average monthly income is running $1,500-1,700 per month. Asking $120,000.