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June 2024 Listings

1- Uinta County, Wyoming Acreage:  Unleased mineral owner offsetting and under permitted well wanting to lease.  Approximately 1280 acres in T12N-R114W, T12N-R113W, T13N-R113W and T13N-R114W.  All negotiated

2- Harrison County, TX Overrides:  Seller divesting 50% of his ORRI’s located in 5 separate Comstock Units and 1 Sabine O&G Corp Unit in Harrison County, TX.  All HBP’d by vertical production. As of 7/13/23 Sabine permitted 2 Haynesville wells and 1 Cotton Valley well offsetting this acreage. The interests represent approximately 185.46 NRA.   Asking price $4,000 per NRA.