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Brian Wolf Oil & Gas Properties

ABA Energy Geosouthern Quintex Exploration
Allegro Operating GHK Ramsey Petroleum
Andrews and Corkran GoldKing Energy Co. Riata Energy
Argyle Resources Gotland Oil & Gas Robert Burns Properties
Aspen Exploration Corp Greenbrier Partners Robro Royalties
Bevo Production Co. Grimes Energy Co. Royalty Clearinghouse
Blackstone Minerals Halff Family Trust Scope Industries
Bluesands Resources Harvest Petroleum Sonic Oil and Gas
Breck Operating Hilcorp Energy Co. States, Inc.
Breitenbach Petroleum ITX Corp. Steger Energy
BXP Jandar Exploration Strata Minerals
Canada Crown Investment Corp. JMI T. C. Craighead & Co.
Cascade Klabzuba Oil & Gas Texaco
Catlerock Energy Legacy Reserves Tgarr, LLC
Century Resources Loin Energy Corp. The Braden Co’s
Charlie Brown Royalty Lymac, LLC The Termo Company
Chesapeake Magna Oil and Gas Tri-W Resources
Concord Gas Co. Mass Energy Upland Energy
Crusader Energy McClymond Co’s Venoco
Danny Brawley McDay Energy W.B. Osborne
Dixie Oil & Gas Mineral Acquisition Partners W/K Land Co.
Duer Wagner & Co. Monroe Mineral Co. Wagner Oil Co.
Enerlex NCEC, Inc. Wappidi
Enexco Inc. Noble Royalties Womack Energy
Farm Credit Bank of Texas Phillips Energy Wynn Crosby
Fidelity Oil & Gas PNP Petroleum Xeric Oil and Gas
Fossil Creek Land Co. Quantum Energy York and Price
ABA Energy Loin Energy Corp.
Allegro Operating Lymac, LLC
Andrews and Corkran Magna Oil and Gas
Argyle Resources Mass Energy
Aspen Exploration Corp McClymond Co’s
Bevo Production Co. McDay Energy
Blackstone Minerals Mineral Acquisition Partners
Bluesands Resources Monroe Mineral Co.
Breck Operating NCEC, Inc.
Breitenbach Petroleum Noble Royalties
BXP Phillips Energy
Canada Crown Investment Corp. PNP Petroleum
Cascade Quantum Energy
Catlerock Energy Quintex Exploration
Century Resources Ramsey Petroleum
Charlie Brown Royalty Riata Energy
Chesapeake Robert Burns Properties
Concord Gas Co. Robro Royalties
Crusader Energy Royalty Clearinghouse
Danny Brawley Scope Industries
Dixie Oil & Gas Sonic Oil and Gas
Duer Wagner & Co. States, Inc.
Enerlex Steger Energy
Enexco Inc. Strata Minerals
Farm Credit Bank of Texas T. C. Craighead & Co.
Fidelity Oil & Gas Texaco
Fossil Creek Land Co. Tgarr, LLC
Geosouthern The Braden Co’s
GHK The Termo Company
GoldKing Energy Co. Tri-W Resources
Gotland Oil & Gas Upland Energy
Greenbrier Partners Venoco
Grimes Energy Co. W.B. Osborne
Halff Family Trust W/K Land Co.
Harvest Petroleum Wagner Oil Co.
Hilcorp Energy Co. Wappidi
ITX Corp. Womack Energy
Jandar Exploration Wynn Crosby
JMI Xeric Oil and Gas
Klabzuba Oil & Gas York and Price
Legacy Reserves