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Royalty Appraisals

CPA’s & Attorneys

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Royalty Appraisals

CPAs, Family Trusts & Attorneys

We frequently receive calls from Trust attorneys and CPAs regarding all aspects of oil and gas interests that their clients may own. One of the most common questions is “What was a particular property, lease, or minerals worth on a certain date?” Most professionals in the Trust advisory and management business don’t know where to turn when they have an oil and gas question. We handle all aspects of advisory and feel we are timely and cost-effective at turning around reports, appraisals, or advice.

Below is a list of common services we provide for CPAs and Attorneys:

Mineral and Royalty Appraisals
We specialize in Date of Death appraisals for estates, appraisals for gifting and tax purposes, and offer advice on whether a third party offer to purchase one’s minerals is fair market value.

We can help you negotiate new leases or offers to purchase current oil and gas interests. (Many oil companies will low-ball non-energy professionals when trying to lease or buy minerals and convince you they are making a great offer).


We specialize in divestitures in all aspects of the energy business. Many families or individuals desire to sell part or all of their oil and gas royalties and minerals. There are several reasons for doing so. You may have a client who left minerals to his four children and one of them wants to sell. We can assist you in receiving a strong fair market value price for those interests.

Changing of title
We advise clients on the quickest and most efficient way to get paying oil and gas interests transferred from one entity name to another.